भृकुटी स्टक ब्रोकिङ कम्पनी प्रा. लि.

Stock Broker No. 55

Focused Brokerage Experts: Your Trusted Partner 

Bhrikuti Stock Broking is a stock broker in Nepal to get the best platform for buying and selling of NEPSE listed shares / securities. The individual can get the better alternatives to be with us, in a share market and get the satisfied services. We empower the individuals to make informed decisions and overall simplifying the trading experience.

About Us

Pursuing Excellence: Our Commitment as a Stockbroker

Bhrikuti Stock Broking is a trusted stock broker company in Nepal. The company was established in 2008.  The company is licensed by Securities Board of Nepal and member of Nepal Stock Exchange as a stock broker number 55.  The company is the member of Depository Participants and licensed from the CDS & Clearing Limited.  The Bhrikuti Stock Broking is a trusted partner for the investors to invest in the shares. The company is providing personalized and best services to our valued customers.

Our Services

Open TMS Account / Broker Account

The TMS Account or Broker Account is a share trading account. The trading account is required to trade in the equity shares. The clients / investors / traders can open the share trading account with ease and convenience. 

Open Online Trading Account

The TMS account holders can easily open the online trading account. The form can be filled online (https://tms55.nepsetms.com.np/login) as well as it can be download from our website, fill it completely and submit to us.

Open DMAT Account

The DMAT account is account to hold the shares and securities in an electronic format. The DMAT account can easily open in the Bhrikuti Stock Broking. The form can be downloaded, fill it and submit it to us.


Mero Share is an online software that allows clients / investors / traders to operate the DMAT account and manage their holdings of shares / securities electronically.


The dematerialization of shares are compulsory to trade the shares in stock market. The clients can take the prompt service for the dematerialization of shares / securities.

Bank Loan Facilitation

Bhrikuti Stock Broking can facilitate the bank loan procedure to our valued clients / investors / traders who want to take the bank loan for the share trade. The share pledge / unpledged mechanism from our part is hassle free. The clients easily can trade with the share trade loan.

Margin Trading

The company can facilitate for the margin trading as per the guidelines and the mechanism.


Share Trading : Buy & Sell of Shares / Securities

The Bhrikuti Stock Broking is providing the platform to buy and sell of shares / securities offline as well as online to its valued clients / investors / traders. The clients / investors / traders who want to invest in the shares or securities in Nepal, it is compulsory to have a DMAT Account, TMS / Broker Account and Finance / Development Bank / Bank account. The persons who have these three accounts, they can trade easily. Additionally, the Bhrikuti Stock Broking is recommending to have a secure electronic fund transfer mechanism for the hassle free transactions. The Bhrikuti Stock Broking encourage their clients to uplift the electronic fund transfer to trade efficiently and to get the best services. The company is also successfully forwarding the selling amount of sellers directly to the clients saving account.

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